Learn more about Regional Energy Savers' recent work requests in Raleigh, NC
Vicinity of Cranesbill Dr in Raleigh
Vicinity of Sonesta Ct in Raleigh
Vapor barrier in crawl space needs replacing
Vicinity of Folger St in Raleigh
Vicinity of Waterford Park Lane in Raleigh
We want to be sure that we are doing all that we can to insure our home is cooling and heating to its potential.
Vicinity of Metacomet Way in Raleigh
I want to insulate an interior wall in my townhouse for noise reduction.
Vicinity of Banks Road in Raleigh
I have a screened in porch that I would like to have spray in foam installed under it. The deck is 2x8's. It is 14.5 feet by 16 feet. I'm curious what it would cost to have it installed. No need to have excess shaved off. Just need it sprayed up under it.
Vicinity of Lawrence Dr in Raleigh
Have a split level house. I think we need under the floor insulation on the main level. Will your product "stick" to an underside?
Vicinity of Battle Bridge Rd in Raleigh
Vicinity of North Blount St. in Raleigh
We would like an estimate on insulating our floor space.
Vicinity of Paddock Dr in Raleigh
House built in 1977 has original blown-in insulation. Would like an estimate on blow-in R30 fiberglass. Thank you -Lisa
Vicinity of Worley Drive in Raleigh
I'm interested in installation of foundation wall insulation and a liner to encapsulate the crawl space of our house.
Vicinity of River Rock Court in Raleigh
We have insulation that is falling from underneath the house and am needing an estimate in order to consider if and when we can get this fixed.
Vicinity of Littlefield Court in Raleigh
I have a 30 year old brick ranch house. I'm looking to seal up the crawl space with insulation and reducing energy consumption being the main aim. No real moisture concerns.
Vicinity of Willow Haven Ct. in Raleigh
I have purchased a new home and through the home inspection was told that the insulation was not up to code. I'm sure it is the blown insulation and I will need it replenished. My problem is that I will need someone to come as soon as possible after 4 o'clock this week or Monday or Tuesday of next week to give an estimate. I just waited at home for another company to come to give an estimate that had been scheduled for a week and he never showed up. I called and he forgot. So I have now missed time off from work for nothing and I cannot afford to do that again. That is why I will need an evening time for a Saturday. Thank you.
Vicinity of Littlefield Court in Raleigh
Hi, I am looking to seal up and insulate the crawl space in our ranch style home and was interested in discussing option and getting to a quote for this work. At a similar time, I am also looking to replace our AC system + ducting, which lives under the house. I was curious if there is a preference regarding the timing of a crawl space insulation job and a refit of the AC system +duct work. I would imagine it would be better to insulate under the floor with the AC system removed. Would you and a potential AC supplier be able to coordinate this work together? Thanks Christian Nicholson
Vicinity of Arrington Rd in Raleigh
Estimate spray foam
Vicinity of N Exeter Way in Raleigh
Need a crawl space inspection
Vicinity of Cromwell Rd. in Raleigh
I am interested in lowering my utility bills (electric and natural gas) in a cost efficient manner, and I would like to identify the best strategy for doing so.
Vicinity of Friar Tuck RD in Raleigh
Need quote to install insulation in 960 sf house. Currently has none in place.
Vicinity of Willow Bend Lane in Raleigh
How much does an energy audit cost?
Vicinity of Catkins Court in Raleigh
Energy bills have increased over last 2 years without any increase in usage or changes to home. Want to discover what is causing increases.
Vicinity of Dorleath Ct in Raleigh
Reduce crawl space moisture
Vicinity of PALM BAY CIRCLE in Raleigh
Vicinity of Hollowgate Road in Raleigh
We have a 3700 sq foot has that is always cold. Upstairs bedrooms are very cold. I do see fallen insulation in the walk in crawlspace.
Vicinity of Lake Trout Ln in Raleigh
Heat system is not heating correctly or enough. Also there is a bad draft in the house. And are your contractors certified?
Vicinity of Saddlewood Ct in Raleigh
Looking at window installation plus or minus insulation, estimate for other energy savers.
Vicinity of Fullerton Pl in Raleigh
Airflow and loss. one second floor bedroom extremely different temperatures than rest of home.
Vicinity of Back Sail Ct in Raleigh
Would like an estimate on pulling down existing insulation under the home and replacing with new foam insulation.
Vicinity of Dunlin Lane in Raleigh
I would like to spray foam the columns and exterior crawl space walls. I will be adding new 20mil vapor barrier to ground and removing the existing floor insulation. I will then add a barometric damper to condition the space. All I need exterior walls sealed and all penetrations sealed.
Vicinity of Allen St W in Raleigh
I have drainage issues, which has caused a lot of mold on wood surfaces in my house. Part of crawl space insulation and floor are saturated
Vicinity of Browning Place in Raleigh
60 yr old townhouse (2 story) with common wall with next door unit. Want sound proofing in existing walls. Some insulation there now, but not very effective. low R value and possible settling.
Vicinity of Myakka Ct in Raleigh
I need the outside of my windows and other wood trim sealed. Do you do that kind of work?
Vicinity of Asher View Ct in Raleigh
Spray foam insulation of a to be finished room.
Vicinity of Old Lewis Farm Road in Raleigh
Lost energy throughout home.
Vicinity of Field Hill Rd. in Raleigh
16x20 4 seasons room floor
Vicinity of Setter Circle in Raleigh
Would like to have my duct-work inspected and if issues found a estimate for work needed.
Vicinity of Glen Garnock Circle in Raleigh
I'm interested in a dehumidifier for my crawl space and would like to know the price?
Vicinity of Magical Pl in Raleigh
Upgrade insulation of 4000 square ft single family home built 2005.
Vicinity of Fieldmist Drive in Raleigh
My bonus room above the garage is very cold. Can you help with that somehow with additional insulation, etc.?
Vicinity of Snowy Meadow Ct. in Raleigh
Reducing energy cost.
Vicinity of Pepperton Drive in Raleigh
I have a permanently enclosed sunroom on the back of our house that is approximately 12 by 22 feet. This was originally a raised brick porch. The walls, ceiling, etc. were insulated when the previous owner had the work done, but the pan under the brick floor was not insulated. The crawl space under the sunroom is limited so I was exploring a spray foam insulation solution. I would be interested in learning more about your products/services and an approximate cost to insulate under the brick floor. Please use either my e-mail or mobile number for contacting me. Thanks, Steve
Vicinity of Lizei St in Raleigh
Want to look at energy efficiencies in house, what type of leakage I have from doors and windows, also savings if crawl space was sealed and insulated. Also interested if solar panels would help me. I will be home on March 13th so if you are available at all that day that would be great.
Vicinity of Dutchman Dr in Raleigh
Remodeling a TV room Looking at prices to insulate behind existing exterior walls
Vicinity of Glenwood Dr in Raleigh
House is 65 years old. Basement is unfinished and there is no insulation to buffer below the 1st floor. I'd like to get an estimate to insulate the basement ceiling.
Vicinity of Palace Garden Way in Raleigh
New house built in 2013. wanted to know cost for adding foam blown insulation in garage exterior wall (not insulated), walls around laundry room (for sound barrier), possibly other exterior walls. Want to know if it can be done from inside the house, without having to remove the concrete siding. Thanks.
Vicinity of Lakewind Court in Raleigh
Just bought home and would a free energy audit estimate. Some concern about large windows.
Vicinity of Fairmead Circle in Raleigh
Looking for an estimate to spray foam underneath a 20X15 sunroom

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