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Vicinity of Sparger Road in Durham
Need Attic insulation replaced or added to and sealing work done if needed.
Vicinity of Four Seasons Drive in Durham
Crawl space needs missing insulation installed and other insulation firmed up. House is under contract and need done ASAP closing at the beginning of October.
Vicinity of Russell Rd. in Durham
Whole house dehumidifier for 2100 square foot house
Vicinity of Pickford Place in Durham
Hello. I had the exhaust vent in the down stair's bath replaced about a year ago. Since then, I get leaking from the fan. Globs on the ceiling and now the a/c vent. There is no rhyme or reason to when it is at it's worse. In the past few weeks there is now a problem in the upstair's bath with the same happening. Now, there is mold on the wall between the bath and closet. Have had HVAC, electricians and plumbers in but no one really seems to care about what is causing the problem. Just look around with flashlights and say everything looks good. Thank you.
Vicinity of Duke Homestead Rd in Durham
I am wanting to upgrade my ENTIRE home with insulation, I am wanting the highest R value that can be installed to help in the long run. This will be a room by room job, not all at once. I would like the ceiling insulated, even the roof if that would help save costs on heating and cooling. I am available on the 29th of this month for an estimate. If we decide to do this, is there a payment option as to prepay until the full amount is done before work begins? Or can we do weekly payments of at least $100?
Vicinity of Randolph Rd. in Durham
Needing a dehumidifier for crawl space under home....previously have had two, but they are not working now.
Vicinity of Orchard Oriole Lane in Durham
We have a single air vent that has some signs of condensation with staining on the ceiling. I want to ensure that there is not a larger concern with our duct work.
Vicinity of Old Well St in Durham
May have leak in duct work under house.
Vicinity of Emerald Pond Lane in Durham
Need insulation in eves over porch areas where some of our water lines pipes freeze each year, thanks.
Vicinity of Trail Wood Drive in Durham
New construction, 5900 sq foot home, 3 car garage, single story, crawl space. Would like an estimate for cost of spray foam via email. Thanks!
Vicinity of Peachway Drive in Durham
Overtime it rains water collects in front part of crawl space. How can it be prevented?
Vicinity of Saint Marks Rd in Durham
Would like to get an estimate to apply spray foam insulation in attic of home. Currently, we are waiting on roofer to replace roof before moving forward with spray foam insulation.
Vicinity of Angier Ave in Durham
I have a new metal buildind 20x24 and would like to an estimate on insulation
Vicinity of Conestoga Drive in Durham
Request estimate on upgrade of attic insulation.
Vicinity of Shady Grove Rd in Durham
We would like an estimate to have our garage ceilings spray foamed sealed. The garages are under the house as part of a basement. There are two garages. that we are considering now. We only have fiberglass bat insulation in the ceiling now. No drywall covering it. Thank you
Vicinity of Indian Trail in Durham
The floor in one our living room has been sagging slowly for several years and seems to be doing so more quickly now. The walls are not shifting, but the space between the floor and the toemoulding is getting larger. There are structural supports under the floor from a prior repair, so I think these need to be readjusted or improved.
Vicinity of Academy in Durham
This is for our church which was built in the1950's. Presently we have insulation at a value of R 10. There is quite a large amount of insulation needed. Prefer contact via e mail
Vicinity of State St. in Durham
I just purchased a 1050 SF single gable roof Ranch home in Durham. It has a drop stair attic access and is currently unoccupied. There is very little to no insulation currently in the attic. I need a price quote on what it would cost in order to insulate the attic with blown insulation.
Vicinity of Old Chapel Hill Road in Durham
We have had an energy audit from another company and I am seeking a second estimate for the services they are recommending.
Vicinity of North Hyde Park Ave. in Durham
This is for a rental property that is experiencing a high electric bill. I am interested in an energy audit to see what can be done to help lower the bill.
Vicinity of Ventura Dr in Durham
Air sealing and attic insulation

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